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Julia Clark

Julia is a communications and research expert who works to capture, hone, refine, and disseminate high-quality, data-driven insights to stakeholders. Leading Ipsos’ Marketing and Communications team for the North America business, Julia’s role is wide-ranging, encompassing external and internal communications; brand elevation; global, regional, and domestic marketing strategies; and reputation cultivation and management.

Throughout her career at Ipsos, Julia’s roles have included business leadership, research excellence, brand championship, talent management, and spokesperson. A writer and speaker, Julia has been appearing regularly on television and radio since 2005, primarily providing analysis and commentary on political, social, and electoral issues in both the U.S. and U.K. She is a nonpartisan political polling expert. She has overseen and led teams delivering commercial, not-for-profit, media, and government insights programs.

Julia began her research career in 2003 in the U.K. with MORI (now Ipsos MORI) where she ultimately worked as the Head of Political Research. In 2010 she relocated with Ipsos to Washington, D.C. In 2013 she relocated again to Chicago.

She is a UK Fellow with the British American Project and a Global Fellow with think tank PS21: Project for the Study of the 21st Century. She has two daughters and a son.


Areas of Expertise

Political Polling Public Opinion and Issues Research
Federal, Local Governments Global and Multi-Country Projects
Communication and Messaging Advisory Research for Publication
Elections Claims Research
Media Relations Survey Design
Policy Analysis Online Research
Data Analysis Consumer Behavior
Public Affairs Research Design
Customer Insight Focus Groups
Questionnaire Design Primary Research
Message Testing Stakeholder Analysis
Opinion Polling Media Relations


Industry Experience

U.S. Government- Military U.S. Government-Healthcare
U.K. Government – Healthcare Higher Education
Associations Membership Organizations



Public opinion is more than survey results, September 2017, SRA: Research Matters Magazine

No, you may not ‘unskew’ my polls: a refresher, October 7, 2016, Ipsos Ideas Spotlight

Even odds for Trump & Clinton: Is Trump a ‘spoiler’ or a ‘game-changer?’ June 2, 2016, RealClearPolitics

The death of polling, May 2016, Understanding Society

Forget the debate: two simple reasons a Republican will likely win in 2016, October 14, 2015, Reuters.com

The perils of polling: connecting what people say with what they do, July 2015, Understanding Society, Ipsos Social Research Institute

Forecasting in low information elections: evaluating an election forecasting model which aggregates across countries to other approaches, May 2015, AAPOR

Meta-analysis of online panel and non-panel sampling: electoral and non-electoral behavior metrics, May 2015, AAPOR 2015

Voter turnout sensitivity analysis: towards a more parsimonious combinatorial likely voter model, May 2015, AAPOR 2015



Gender inclusivity: staying relevant in a changing world,” May 16, 2019 AAPOR 2019

Rethinking abortion survey questions: from a legal to a values-behavioral framework, May 18, 2018, AAPOR 2018

Survey design, Sage Publication, 2017



Top Technology Trendsetter 2014, Survey Magazine
Fellow with Think Tank PS21: Project for the study of the 21st Century
U.K. Fellow, The British American Project


Board Affiliations

Women’s Board, Kohl Children’s Museum (Chicago)



The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
M.S.c Organisational Psychology

The Johns Hopkins University
B.A. English, Psychology; Economics (minor)

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