• Pedr Howard
  • Pedr Howard

Pedr Howard

  • Senior Vice President, U.S. Creative Excellence

Pedr* Howard leads Strategy and Creative Development for Ipsos in the U.S., working on matching the Ipsos offer and narrative for achieving Creative Excellence to the needs of clients. He is passionate about advertising, creativity, and bringing consumer research and data into the communication development process.

Pedr has been with Ipsos since 2006, first with Ipsos Mori in the U.K. where he managed brand and communication research projects for local and international brands. In 2010 he transferred to Ipsos in Norwalk, Conn., to continue in his client advisory role during their merger and relocation. Soon after, he moved into leading the company’s early-stage creative development research practice. He has been in his current role since 2017.

*Typically goes by Ped, because nobody can pronounce Pedr – which is Peddar and is the old-Welsh for Peter. But he’s actually English, not Welsh, just has some ancestry on his father’s side.


Areas of Expertise

Quantitative Research Qualitative Research
Advertising Research Consumer Behavior
Marketing Communications Brand Positioning Strategies

Industry Experience




Should brands try to change the world?

Why audiences loved Tide’s Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl Creative Playbook Getting Better Creative from Data and Insights



Brand Purpose Campaigns: Using Data as a Shield against the Twitterstorm, ANA Data and Measurement Conference, September 2019

You are the Future of Research, ARF Young Pros Bootcamp, May 2019

Effie Report Highlights, Effie Next:50 Conference, May 2019

 T-Mobile Avoids Celebrity Trend, Focuses On Simplicity For Super Bowl Ads, February 2019 quoted

 Ad Research in Action, ARF Consumer X Science Conference April 2016


Additional Interests

A keen home chef, Pedr has made everything from homemade curries to sous vide. He is currently learning the very American art of BBQ. He is an avid golfer who plays both not nearly enough and also far too much, including a yearly marathon 72 holes in one day. He also enjoys doing DIY and home improvement projects (including installing a putting green to improve on said golfing!)


University of Leeds
B.A., Philosophy

Imperial College London
Chemical Engineering


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