What the Future

What the Future is a quarterly deep dive into different aspects of consumer and social thought and behavior. Each edition features exclusive new data from world-leading research firm Ipsos. WTF explores how a single industry or behavior fits into the broader culture now and in the coming decades.


WTF Beauty

Our latest What the Future report explores several market forces creating seismic shifts in the cosmetics and personal care industries. Ipsos surveyed some 19,000 people around the world to mine their attitudes on these changes and spoke to top industry executives about what these insights mean for the future.


WTF – Food Edition

Over the past year, we have talked about the trends impacting changes to three of the top areas of consumer spending: housing, transportation and health care. This issue is focused on a fourth key sector: food. Specifically, we have conversations with the difference-makers about how our food gets to us, where that food comes from today and will come from tomorrow. The answers to these seemingly straightforward questions are in a surprising amount of flux.

What's for dinner
What’s for dinner?

Previous Issues

WTF Health

The future of healthcare has challenges to overcome well beyond improvements in diagnosis and treatment. There’s an impending crisis for patients and for those who provide them with care.

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WTF Mobility

To get at the human side of transportation, we asked a series of smart people in the space about the Big Questions they’re asking themselves when they think about the near-ish future. Then Ipsos asked those questions of more than 3,000 people in the U.S. and Canada and thousands more around the globe to get at the answers.

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WTF Housing

“Looking five or 10 years into your crystal ball, what is something you’ll wish you had tracking data on?” Then Ipsos conducted a survey to see how those questions are answered now.

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